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Welcome to Shenzhen Han Hui Plastic Production Co.,Ltd 

We are a professional PET container manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China.We are a professional PET container manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China.Since 2007, we have been focusing on PET container design, blow mold making and product manufacturing markets for personal care, home lifestyle, food, medicine and gift categories.
With our advanced production equipment and years of technology accumulation, to date many packaging projects have been provided with challenging solutions.

As we have been with the times strive to become the forefront of PET packaging manufacturers, rich experience is the guarantee of high quality products and services. You will be surprised at the promptness of our response and the speed of delivery. We not onlypromise this, we act more.
We serve almost all over the world. With the passion for PET packaging, our team strives to provide our customers with functional, attractive and cost-effective packaging solutions and bring to our customers' products and brands Higher value-added.

This is something we are doing with joy and enthusiasm every year and every day.

To date, Shenzhen Hanhui Blowing is still committed to developing a series of standard and custom PET containers, with new models being released every year. The company has developed into a manufacturer in Shenzhen, China with excellent service covering a wide range of product lines and a variety of high quality PET containers. Containers used in cosmetics, skin care products, food and pharmaceutical industries. The company's philosophy persisted for the past 10 years: providing its customers with the best service, choice, quality and value.

The Market We Serve

We design and manufacture blow-molded PET containers and bottles, mainly in the following segment markets and occupy the
leading position.

  • Personal Care (Beauty & Cosmetics & Hotel Supplies):

    Consumers of personal care products care about appearance. Packaging is an attractive factor for these products and we are a leading supplier of PET containers for hair, skin and oral care products.

  • Home Care:

    In this market, functionality and "user convenience" are very important, and PET container packaging has increasingly replaced conventional paper packaging for detergents.

  • Food & Heath Products:

    Food and health products is an important market category. The containers we make help our clients create, market and maintain their brand identity. In addition, we have been able to play a leading role in the conversion of products such as glass-filled other materials into PET container packaging.

  • Gifts, Accessories:

    We are in lighting, Christmas, gifts also have many wonderful products and a wide range of markets,We promptly and efficiently cooperate with the new customers in this area R & D, proofing and marketing,A large number of fully automatic blow molding machine with plenty of capacity to meet the gift industry special seasonal mass guarantee of mass delivery.

  • Pharmaceuticals / OTCs:

    Pharmaceuticals is an independent area. Unlike other industries, this market is subject to stringent quality standards. With our quality and ability to meet these high standards soon, we will be fully equipped and operating in a one-million-millon purification plant in a fraction of the time.


We already have a production capacity of 300,000 bottles per day or more, and can provide surface treatment technology services such as silk screen, hot stamping, etc., to provide our clients with the convenience of one-stop shopping. All raw materials are used in line with the United States FDA and the European Union REACH standards of quality environmentally friendly raw materials production and the establishment of a professional testing center to ensure product quality to meet the high-end needs of various industries.

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