PET degradation additives
2011-12-08 10:28:00
Bio-Tee Environmental has introduced two types of PET additives to make PET biodegradable.
One is Ecopure masterbatch, which can work in rubbish and heap compost. The degradation rate is 5 times that of the original product. It has been approved by FDA and can also be used in plastics such as PVC, PP, PE and PS. Universal Ecopure To affect the transparency of PET bottles and PC bottles, the company introduced a new Ecopure G 2 additive for PET biodegradation. PG-BC introduced Reverte Additives earlier this year to promote microbial degradation. Reverte degrades PET in waste, water and on the ground. This additive meets the requirements of the FDA Canadian Health and EU Food Contact Regulations.