The new PET beer barrel can replace the stainless steel barrel
2015-03-06 10:37:00
Quadrant Creative Molding & Systems (Quadrant CMS), a global leader in high-performance thermoplastics, has partnered with Dispack Projects in Antwerp to develop an innovative beer barrel.
Quadrant CMS, a unit of Mitsubishi Plastics, has created a Dolium PET beer keg with a valve system that is said to "be a cost-effective and easy-to-replace alternative to traditional stainless steel buckets." The capacity of this PET beer barrel is divided into two types: 20 liters and 30 liters.
Jan Claeys, Account Manager at Quadrant, said: "At Quadrant we are very familiar with using plastic instead of metal in certain areas, but we still need to work closely with our customers to guide the development process toward success."
"In this project, we have to balance the conservative and the innovative, because there is not much room for major design changes.We must consider that the new plastic valves need to match existing connectors in the market, and Dispack hopes Retaining handles to meet safety requirements by incorporating the first in-house relief features. "
According to the manufacturer, this PET beer barrel has a special ring on the top and bottom, which can be easily picked up by this design without any protective cover.
Past barreled beer packaging is made of stainless steel, the price is high, and the production cycle is too long. The advent of Dolium PET beer kegs solved these problems.